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Mange Treatment for Dogs

Is your dog suffering from mange?

We're here to help with our proven and trusted Mange Healing Kit which has been used by thousand of other pet owners!

  • #1 Rated Cure for Mange in Dogs
  • Zinc-PCA in or Dog Mange Shampoo | 10X More Effective Than Other Shampoos
  • Effective Against All Stages of Infestation
  • Sooths Constant Scratching, Biting, & Pain Immediately
  • 100% Unconditional Guarantee or Your Money Back - TRY NOW

    #1 Rated Mange Treatment for Dogs | Safe, Gentle & Effective

    Only Mange Shampoo for Dogs with Zinc-PCA | 10X More Effective Than Other Brands

    100% Money Back Unconditional Guarantee - TRY NOW

    Successfully Used by 1,000’s of Pet Owners.  This top rated mange treatment for dogs is a proven chemical free treatment. Guaranteed to work, or your money back!

    The Dog Mange Healing kit includes:

    1. RenuPlex Medicated Mange Shampoo for Dogs: formulated with numerous Healing Essential Oils and Zinc-PCA to clear dog mange.
    2. RenuPlex Healing Spray: formulated with many of the same ingredients as the shampoo and is used in-between baths for healing & soothing benefits.
    3. SkinPlex Plus:used to keep mange in dogs from returning. SkinPlex provides your dog with enzyme based nutrients needed to repair the skin’s immune system. SkinPlex is an all natural and simply sprinkled directly onto your dog’s food.

    Mange is caused by an infestation of mites on your dogs skin. There are two types of mange in dogs: 1) sarcoptic and 2) demodectic mange. With sarcoptic mange the mite live under the skin layer. Mites associated with demodectic mange (also known as demodectic mange) live in the dog’s hair follicles. Demodectic mange is by far the most common and easiest to treat. Demodectic mange treatment is best done by eliminating the mites in the hair follicles and most importantly rebuilding your dog’s immune system so the mites do not cause infections in the future. You see mites naturally occur on animals, and as long as their immune system is strong they will not cause any harm.

    Our mange healing kit includes RenuPlex Mange Shampoo for dogs and SKinPlex, which is a enzyme replenishment supplement that will strengthen your dogs immune system. By eliminating the mites and then improving your dog’s immune system, your dog should be happy in no time at all!

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