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Dirty Dog

Is your dog suffering from dry, itchy skin?

RenuPlex PLUS is an all-natural organic dog shampoo specially formulated for itchy skin.

Formulated with soothing Aloe-Vera, Colloidal Oatmeal, and a host of proven effective essential oils, RenuPlex is the Best Dog Shampoo for Dry Skin available.

Try today - 100% unconditional guarantee.

Need a great shampoo to help a stinky dog smell better? Try HydraPlex Natural Dog Shampoo. The best oatmeal shampoo for dogs in need of a great smell. Just like RenuPlex, HydraPlex Dog Shampoo is all natural, formulated with Zinc-PCA, collodial oatmeal and many ingredients that will leave your dog smelling great with a shinny coat!

RenuPlex Plus – The best dog shampoo for dry skin and itching

Constant itching and scratching is hard on dogs. Often they can lead to more serious skin infections so treat dry itchy skin at the offset. RenuPlex and HydraPlex Pet Shampoos are all natural oatmeal dog shampoos that are made in the USA with top quality, safe ingredients. You dog will love you for using them!

For chronic itching and scratching be sure to use SkinPlex Digestive Enzymes for Dogs which will improve your dog’s skin immune system. This will put an end to itching and scratching once and for all!