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How to Treat Dog Seizures with Natural Supplements

How to Treat Dog Seizures with Natural Supplements

Every year, veterinarians diagnose more than 780,000 cases of epilepsy in dogs, making it the most common neurological disorder impacting dogs. Dog seizures are frightening enough, but the diagnosis can be just as scary. Epilepsy in dogs is challenging to manage, and some studies have found that the average dog’s survival after diagnosis is less than two years. Usually, it’s just not enough to rely on traditional pharmaceutical anti-seizure medications alone. Many veterinarians recommend using a natural dog seizure medications to help improve an epileptic dog’s quality of life. SeizureGuard is highly recommended as a natural dog seizure medication and has helped thousands of dog owners better manage the symptoms and effects of epilepsy in dogs.

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What Is Canine Epilepsy?

Put simply. Canine epilepsy is a seizure disorder affecting dog. It is most often idiopathic but can also be triggered by liver and kidney disease, poisoning, or brain trauma. But epilepsy in dogs is really anything but simple. Having seizures often can cause behavioral problems. Dog seizures and the medications that seek to treat them can cause physical illness, anxiety, fearand disorientation. That’s why many veterinarians recommend thinking of epilepsy in dogs as much more than just a neurological disorder that needs the right treatment to control. It’s a condition that can impact almost every aspect of a dog’s quality of life. The best treatment plans have a more holistic, whole-dog approach.

Signs & Symptoms Of Epilepsy In Dogs

Dog seizures don’t all look the same. Usually, veterinarians talk about two different kinds of epilepsy in dogs: generalized and focal. Generalized dog seizures involve the whole brain, and tend to look exactly how we imagine (whole body shaking/spasms. Loss of consciousness and whole-body muscle control). The warning signs of these kinds of dog seizures can include: body stiffness, circling around or pacing , excessive salivation, loss of consciousness, muscle twitches and incontinence.

Focal dog seizures can be more difficult to notice, since just one muscle spasms uncontrollably and sometimes the dog remains conscious. Most of the time epilepsy in dogs starts out with these more mild focal seizures. It then progresses over time to generalized seizures. this makes it important to recognize mild symptoms and find ways to control them.

The Benefits Of Managing Dog Seizures With Natural Supplements

Giving your dog a natural dog seizure medication can have a noticeable impact on their quality of life. That’s because some naturally-derived supplements can improve the severity and frequency of dog seizures. They amy even help control epilepsy in dogs well enough that they can be weaned off of side-effect-causing pharmaceuticals. Other common natural dog seizure medication ingredients can boost dogs’ ability to recover from having a seizure. They may also help minimize the physical and behavioral consequences of dog seizures.

That’s why many veterinarians recommend a holistic approach to the treatment of epilepsy in dogs. This includes supplementing veterinary medicine with a natural dog seizure medication and dietary supplement. Some vets even call this kind of integrative approach a “magic wand” for managing epilepsy in dogs. When it comes to controlling and minimizing the quality of life consequences of dog seizures every little bit helps. Plus, trying to manage epilepsy in dogs can take a huge emotional toll on dog owners. Using a good natural dog seizure medication that noticeably improves dogs’ quality of life between seizures is one of the best things dog owners can do not only their dog.

Why SeizureGuard Is The Best Natural Dog Seizure Medication

It’s important to realize that no natural dog seizure medication can fully cure epilepsy in dogs. Just like traditional pharmaceutical anti-seizure medications can’t. Yet vets and holistic pet-health specialists still recommend a number of different naturally-derived supplements to help control the symptoms of epilepsy in dogs. This is to help protect their brains against damage caused by seizures, and help them recover faster after seizure events.

For example, seaweed kelp and chia powder have many known seizure-protective and preventive properties. Belladonna can fully stop some idiopathic dog seizures for months. SeizureGuard is the top rated veterinarian recommended natural dog seizure medication, mainly because it contains all these supplements, plus many others that help dogs feel better between seizures.

SeizureGuard also contains several other naturally-derived substances that can help make its anti-seizure properties stronger while also boosting the immune system. It contains digestive enzymes protease, amylase, bromelain, and lipas. These help dogs digest and absorb key nutrients and seizure-protective compounds from their food and natural dog seizure medication you give them. That means SeizureGuard does so much more than just try to control dog seizures. It treats all of the most harmful consequences of epilepsy in dogs. Talk to your dog’s veterinarian about SeizureGuard, today.

*All this being said, you should always talk to your dog’s veterinarian before starting any supplement. Especially if they’re pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or under veterinary supervision. So you should not start using SeizureGuard without approval from your dog’s veterinarian. Yyou should stop use and contact your dog’s veterinarian immediately if they experience any side-effects from using SeizureGuard.