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RenuPlex PLUS Complete Healing Kit

$50.00 USD

Kit Includes:

1. SkinPlex PLUS Digestive Enzymes & Nutrients. 2. RenuPlex PLUS Medicated Dog Shampoo. 3. RenuPlex PLUS Moisturizing Healing Spray 4. SkinPlex PLUS Enzymes

Veterinarians and animal professionals agree that a vast majority of skin issues in dogs are a result of problems digesting and absorbing the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins provided to them in their diet. Added to this, over 90% of all dogs suffer from severe zinc deficiencies in their skin. SkinPlex PLUS contains the most complete and comprehensive spectrum of enzymes and nutrients to provide relief from skin problems and allergies. Unlike the other enzymes, SkinPlex Plus is supplemented with Zinc, Omega 3's and vitamins. Available in 8 ounce (by volume) size (3 to 4 month supply)

RenuPlex PLUS Medicated Dog Healing Shampoo

A healthy coat starts with a shampoo that is properly ph-balanced to a dog's skin. RenuPlex PLUS is formulated with a base of 100% Aloe Vera and Colloidal Oatmeal for optimal ph balance. Infused with healing essential oils and natural ingredients, RenuPlex heals and moisturizes deep down like no other shampoo to create a healthy and itch free dog! Silk proteins, Omega 3 oils, and an Amino Complex to leave the coat with a brilliant shine and soft feel. 12 ounce bottle

RenuPlex PLUS Moisturizing Healing Spray

Dry, itchy skin and a dull, smelly coat are caused by damaged skin cells and hair follicles. RenuPlex Spray repairs this damaged skin with the healing ingredients zinc pca, silk amino acid extracts, aloe-vera, and essential oil. RenuPlex Spray also moisturizes and nourishes the coat and skin to keep it healthy and itch free. Finally silk extracts, proteins, and Silk Amino Acid Extracts helps to create an amazing shinny and soft coat! Zinc pca in RenuPlex also removes odors. Used to treat skin infections, dry damaged skin, itchy areas, dull coats, odor, hot spots, rashes, eczema, and dermatitis. Great for in-between baths