What causes seizures in dogs?

As dog lover’s we hate to see our pets in pain.  One of the cases is when we see our pet suffer.  It is common that in these types of situations we feel helpless and stranded and we’re not sure what to do.   I am talking about epilepsy in dogs, yes this is one of the most alarming situations for pet lovers.  If your dog suffers from this situation often, then he or she may have a seizure disorder. The other common name of seizure disorder is epilepsy. I am sure you were already aware of these terms but do not have in-depth knowledge about the proper definition, causes of seizure, treatments, and factors that can help to control a situation like these. First of all, it is essential to know what seizure is?

What is a Dog Seizure?

“First of all, a seizure is a sign, not a disease.”

Dr. Klein

As we already discussed, the other common name of seizure is epilepsy, with a minor difference. Seizure is one of the most common neurological disorders in dogs. If a dog goes through with this kind of attack, then he temporarily disabled mentally and physically. His brain does not transmit messages to other parts of the body, which causes a physical blockage. In situations like these, dogs are not able to move their body and lie down in one place. They may have uncontrolled urine episodes, excessive tight shaking, and bulged eyes.    

“Epilepsy is a term used to describe repeated episodes of seizures.”

Epilepsy is a medical condition that when occurs results in a seizure; sometimes called an epileptic attack. The combination of attacks like these are called epilepsy. Epilepsy of dogs is repeated activity of seizures, and it can occur with intervals or without intervals.  As owners, we want an effective dog seizure treatment that we know is working for our loved one.   Dog Seizure Treatment, such as medication is important because it often helps mitigate the damaging effects of an epileptic attack, as well as minimizing its length.   Most animals recover from this situation soon, but it is quite a long time for an owner who is facing it in front of his eyes.

Types of Dog Seizures

There are many types of seizures in dogs; every breed has a different kind of seizure. But it is a common fact that the effect of seizure has different timing and consequences on dogs. Some face more than one type of seizures. Some dogs are those who suffer only one kind of seizure. Some seizure occurs after giving warnings, and some happen without even giving notice. Injuries also occur due to the seizures, and people do not take this seriously unless something terrible happens to their pets. There are the following types of dog seizure;

  • Focal Seizure
  • Generalized Seizure
  • Focal seizure that involves Generalized seizure

Focal Seizure

A focal seizure is that which happens in half part of the brain or within a particular region. The type of activities in Focal seizure depends upon the condition of the brain in which it is happening. Focal seizure only affects the functionality of half mind, and the other half works beautifully. There are the following compartments of focal seizure in which it operates;

  • Episodic movements (Its effects motor sign like twitches, shaking of the head, blinking, etc.)
  • Autonomic symptoms (It starts from the nervous system, and causes to salivation, and vomiting)
  • And behavioral signs (As its name shows, this cause to change the behavior of the dog, like restlessness, attention-seeking behavior, and dog fear from things).

Generalized seizure

As this name implies, it happens at both sides of the brain, and it affects the functionality of the mind. Generalized seizure starts alone, or as focal seizure, then it overcomes the whole brain functionality. Some conditions explain this seizure well, like jerking, Tonic change, Tonic-Clonic, and myoclonic. A generalized seizure is a harmful type of canine seizure; it causes the drop attacks, and dogs can collapse as a result of this.

Focal seizure and generalized seizure

It is the seizure in which focal seizure joins the generalized seizure. In focal seizure, it happens for a short time, and it is hard to decide about this. A generalized seizure occurs swiftly and overcomes the brain of a dog in a few seconds. It is the most common form in which dogs suffer.

Causes of Epilepsy of Dogs

Now we know all about a bit more about seizures lets look at some of the root causes responsible for the formation of canine epilepsy. For better understanding, it is essential to understand the origin of attacks. Below are some of the common ones.

Idiopathic epilepsy

“Idiopathic epilepsy is one of the most common causes of seizures in dogs.” In this cause, most of the time, a seizure is genetically inherited, and this is unavoidable. Usually, dogs inherit this seizure from their genes and have inherited disorders in their functionality.

Eating poison

When a dog eats poison, that works as a poison for him. The result of this poisoning can lead to epileptic attacks. Chocolates, caffeine, strychnine, and organophosphates are the common causes of eating poison.

Liver disease

Liver disease is a leading cause of seizures. This can also lead to other serious health issues as proper liver function is essential.

Low or high blood pressure

Much like humans, animals experience high and low blood pressure. Unbalanced blood pressure, if left untreated, can cause various health issues to include epilepsy and seizures.

Kidney issues

Much like liver functions, poor kidney function can also lead to attacks.

Head Injury and Encephalitis

If your dog went through with any head injury, then it can affect specific parts of the dog’s head, and seizure begins from the head and brain. So, it is vital to keep your dog away from head injuries because it can further cause seizures in dogs. Encephalitis is the inflammation of the brain, and it may further cause infection of the spinal cord and meninges. Membranes disorder accompanies other viruses, which then attack the spinal cord and brain. These two main organs are one of the reasons for seizures in dogs.

Strokes and Brain Cancer

Strokes are also one of the common reasons for epilepsy in dogs. When there is a loss of blood flow in the brain of dogs which further increases the chances of neurological disorder. So, the seizure has a function with the working of the mind; if the brain does not work due to stroke, it may cause epilepsy.

All the above points are enough to understand that seizure happens due to the interrupted functionality of the brain. So, brain cancer also affects the mind; if your dog is suffering from a situation like seizure, then you should go to the vet. Vet can check the causes of seizures, because it may have many.

There are many other common causes of seizures in dogs, like;

  • Nutritional deficiency and imbalance like thiamine
  • Some kind of trauma to the brain
  • Degenerative brain situation, like storage disease.
  • Viral infections, like rabies, bacterial, fungal, protozoal, and many others
  • Parasites and heat exhaustion
how to treat epilepsy in dogs with natural supplements
Seizures in Dogs can be controlled

Causes of seizure according to the age group of dogs

We have discussed the common reasons which can lead to a epilepsy in dogs, now let’s take a look at various age groups of dogs and how they are effected:

Dogs less than six months old

Dogs who are less than six months of age suffer from this situation due to the congenital disorder. The further reasons for this disorder appear with viruses like rabies and toxin exposures. Seizures at this early age are often sporadic and sometimes disappear completely.

Dogs aged from six months to five years;

If your dog is showing any symptoms of a seizure, then you can identify the reason for epilepsy on your own; for this, you will have to visit the vet to know about the causes of disease. These tests can be expensive, but your vet will take them according to the breed, clinical signs, and responses to treatments.

Dogs who are older than five years

Dogs who lie in the age group of more than five years, go through with seizure due to the brain tumor. Seizures happen due to a brain tumor, and it creates the circle of swelling around the tumor and infect that area of the brain.

Symptoms of dog seizures

You have proper information about what a seizure is and what can be the causes of this disease. Now, it is the right time to know about the symptoms of epilepsy; if you see the following signs in your dog, then your dog can be a victim of these neurological diseases.

  • Jerking
  • Stiffening of body
  • Muscle pain
  • Motor disability
  • Twitching
  • Tongue chewing
  • Dribbling
  • Chomping
  • And foaming at the mouth in a condition of seizure attack.

When dogs go through any of the above issues they may be experiencing a seizure. Specifically you may also notice that they sit down at the floor and make paddling motions; they lose control of the body and perform uncontrollable actions. They can sometimes do poop or urine in this condition. Some dogs do not know how to act in this situation; they feel confused and stare towards space in this condition. After the seizure attack, your dog will feel stranded and will roam around here and there, and the dog may face temporary blindness. After the Epilepsy attack, he walks in the circles and bumps into the things; he just wants to hide from the people.

Treatment of epilepsy in dogs

At this step, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge about the types of epilepsy in dogs and the various natural treatment options.

Treatment or prevention of seizure;

While there are many medications for epilepsy in dogs, both prescribed and over the counter, there is no proven cure. The goal is to find the right balance of medication to control the epileptic attacks and keep the damage to your dog’s organs to a minimum.

It is good to visit you veterinarian and discuss the options.

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