What is Sarcoptic Mange

If you have ever experienced a sarcoptic mange outbreak in one or more of your dogs, you know how difficult it can be to treat. Sarcoptic mange is a contagious infection caused by mites that cause uncomfortable itching and hair loss for your pet. Usually this is a result of a low immune system which might occur in very young puppies or older animals. Since the infection is contagious it is important to keep your pet away from other animals in the home while he is being treated.

If you just recently noticed itchy bare spots on your dog, you will need to first rule out food allergies that may be causing this reaction. Once you know your dog isn’t have an allergic reaction, you will need to consider other reasons for the itchy skin and hair loss. Often times mange is spread through contact with another infected animal. If you have recently taken your pet to a kennel, dog park or even veterinarian clinic, your dog may have been exposed. Usually it takes two to six weeks for the symptoms of sarcoptic mange to develop in your pet. This is why it is important to keep your pet away from other animals while you are treating him for mange.

Once your dog has been diagnosed with mange, you will need to consider the many different types of treatments available. Since you love your dog like a member of the family, you want to provide quick and quality treatment to make him feel better and get back to normal. Although there are many chemical remedies available, if you do not treat the immune system, the mange will come back. This means that just purchasing a chemical shampoo may not be the best solution. You do not want to have recurrences of mange and have to continue treatments for months on end.

Many pet owners who want a more natural remedy will want to try a dog mange complete healing kit. This treatment includes a natural mange shampoo that will wash away the mites and provide some immediate relief to the animal. We don’t like to see our pets suffer, and itchy skin is no fun. You can easily give your dog a bath using the mange shampoo and begin providing soothing relief. Since this is a natural shampoo, you do not need to worry about unhealthy effects to your or your pet.

The next step included with the sarcoptic mange healing kit is a medicated spray. Since most of us do not have time to give our pet a daily bath, using the mange spray in between shampoos is simple. Whenever you see your pet itching or uncomfortable you can spray the affected area and give instant relief. Since this is a natural remedy, you will not need to worry about toxic side effects or using the product around children or other pets.

Finally, and most importantly, you will need to treat the dog’s immune system. Your pet may have very sensitive skin and for any variety of reasons, his immune system may be compromised. As part of the natural mange healing kit, you will give your dog an enzyme that will help boost the immune system and provide a barrier against future sarcoptic mange infestations. Treating all areas of your pet will provide the best results in the least amount of time.

Once you begin treating your dog with the healing kit, you should see results fairly quickly. Your dog’s hair will start growing back and your pet will not longer feel distressed an uncomfortable. Not only will your pet feel happy and playful once more, you will feel great about treating your dog will an all natural remedy.