The Evolution Solution for Stop Dog Shedding

Stop Shedding and Excessive Hair Loss Now!

Addtional Information

Shed Plex controls shedding, balding, and chronic hair loss by treating the problem at the source. Results are guaranteed so try now.

ShedPlex Shampoo and Spray Conditioner work to provide needed nutrients to strengthen the coat and hair shafts, and to remove tangles! They also stop any skin irritations and germ growth often associated with dog shedding. Finally, they provide healing and moisturizing to help create a healthy and strong coat!

ShedPlex Nutrients & Enzymes work internally to provide the damaged skin, shaft, follicles and hair with the needed nutrients, proteins and enzymes to rebalance and repair damaged cells and sebum glands. Not only will this result in a less shedding, but you will also notice a noticeably renewed shine and health to your dog’s coat!

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