The Evolution Solution for Hot Spots on Dogs

Does your dog have Hot Spots?

If so, don’t worry we have the proven solution for you!

  • RenuPlex PLUS All Natural Medicated Dog Shampoo: will safely eliminate the Hot Spots with its amazing healing and moisturizing ingredients
  • DermaMAX Healing Cream can be used in-between baths to provide soothing and healing relief to hot spots
  • SkinPlex Digestive Enzymes work internally to re-build your dog's immune system which will keep the hot spots from returning


Experience the success 1,000’s of other pet owners have with our Complete Healing Kit, or any our individual products below

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Addtional Information

Hot Spots on dogs is a very common skin condition which will worsen quickly if not treated properly. The first step in clearing the irritation is to make sure the coat and skin are clean and free from build up, bacteria, or dead skin that can lead to further spreading on the skin.

DermaMax Advanced Healing Cream and RenuPlex Medicated Shampoo will quickly heal and clear hot spots; and unlike harsher treatments, they are safe and effective! They also contain a special form a zinc – Zinc PCA that has amazing healing properties.

As DermaMax and RenuPlex heal the hot spots, SkinPlex works build up your dogs’ ability to guard against hot spots from returning. In fact many pets owners who were using steroids and other medications with limited success, saw great success with SkinPlex.

Our Dog Hot Spot Complete Healing Kit has helped tens of thousands of pet owners, and it can help you as well! Try it now, if you’re not 100% satisfied we offer a full, risk free refund!


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