The Evolution Solution for Dandruff & Eczema

Addtional Information

Unlike any other Treatments, only SkinPlex Healing Enzymes and RenuPlex Medicated Pet Dandruff Shampoo provide permanent and lasting relief. SkinPlex treats the dandruff and dermatitis internally (in dog’s almost all skin problems develop as a result of deficient enzymes in the digestive tract), while RenuPlex Shampoo heals and moisturizes externally. SkinPlex provides the lasting results and also creates a shiny and healthy coat.

RenuPlex is the only dog shampoo with Zinc-PCA, the best ingredient to end Dandruff and Atopic Dermatitis. Zinc-PCA stops the bacteria growth and replenishes the skin cell’s zinc levels needed to control sebum output – the Result is an End to Dandruff & Dog Dermatitis – Results are GUARANTEED!

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    Dog Dandruff Complete Healing Kit

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