omega 3 for dogs – benefits

omega 3 for dogs – benefits
Omega 3 for dogs is a vital dietary supplement to ensure that your dog will not only have a shiny coat but that your pet will also have the reduced likelihood of becoming victim to degenerative diseases. Omegaa 3 is derived from flax seed and has been proven to be a wonderful nutrient for humans as well as dogs. Only recently have humans realized what an important role this essential fatty acid plays in the health of their canine friends.
There are usually telltale signs to indicate that the dog may lack Omega 3. Frequent scratching will usually reveal that the animal is suffering from flaky, dry skin. This could mean that they may have dandruff that is so uncomfortable that the animal may scratch his skin until it bleeds.
An abnormal amount of hair loss and a dull, discolored coat are also indicative of a need for this essential fatty acid to be added to the dog’s diet. Omega 3 for dogs is the perfect choice since it is affordable and easy to acquire. This nutrient will be a welcome change from having to purchase expensive medication due to skin infections.
Omega 3 for dogs will help to heal and soothe dry, itchy skin while replenishing the animal’s immune system. The natural color of the coat will return and the added luster to the coat will have your pet looking younger and feeling more vibrant. A healthy coat will have both you and your pet feeling that much better about choosing to be healthy.
Renewed energy will also come from the increase in building bone strength. Your animal will feel more frisky and possibly have more years added on to their life. A dog who feels physically more energetic, willing to play and not bogged down with constantly scratching themselves will experience an improved standard of living.
Omega 3 for dogs helps to fight infections while cellular healing takes place. Dog foods do not contain this important nutrient in many pet owners are negligent in the care they provide their pets without realizing it. The fatty acids are not added to the pet food since it will make the food rancid. Preservatives and over processing may leave the food void of the entire spectrum of nutrients that the animal will need. This includes the essential fatty acids.
Flaxseed oil also fights against inflammation so as your dog ages Omega 3 will help to minimize the painful inflammation characteristic of arthritis. Allergies are also kept at a minimum and nursing dogs will have the added benefit of having their litter benefit from healthier milk. Using Omega 3 for dogs as a preventative measure will help to save in medical bills and unnecessary painful discomfort for your pet as he or she ages.
Dog breeders have known for many years the importance of adding essential fatty acids to their animals’ diet. This important information has not been known to most pet owners however, and only since humans have realized the importance of adding this nutrient to their own diets have they realized that their pets can also enjoy the benefits.
The product can either be ground and added to the animal’s food or it can easily be added to the diet in the form of oil. Either way the benefits will soon become apparent. Omega 3 for dogs also contains vitamin E, folic acid, vitamin B6, minerals, potassium and calcium. For more information most veterinarians are able to answer questions pertaining to this source of amino acids. The end result will be a happier, friskier pet who will live longer and with the benefits that come with a healthy diet.