How Oatmeal Helps With Dog Dry Skin

How Does Oatmeal Helps Dry Dog Skin?

Oatmeal is an ancient crop which has been used as human and animal food for thousands of years. It also has many uses as a medicinal remedy. There are several remedies for how oatmeal helps with dog dry skin problems that dog owners should be aware of. Dogs can develop psoriasis from a variety of causes and knowing simple remedies can make both you and your pet happier and healthier.One common way dogs develop this dilemma is from over bathing and grooming with harsh grooming products. A dog really only needs a bath about once a month and more frequent bathing can lead to dryness. Using gentler cleaning products like herbal shampoos can also help. An animal can also develop arid skin as a result of flee allergy or other types of allergy. A poor diet can also result in dry skin for your dog which can lead to scratching and chewing. A coat that is dull is an indication that your pet may need a more nutritious diet. Boredom from not getting enough exercise or interaction with people can lead canines to chew on themselves and develop irritated skin as well. When you are seeking to fix a skin problem your pup is having, it is important to look at the dog’s diet, daily routine, flee problems and other health issues in order to fully address the condition.

How to Diagnose Dog Dermatitis

Identifying the source of the problem is important, but taking action to make your dog feel better as soon as possible will be a high priority. One way how oatmeal helps dermatitis is by applying a paste of oatmeal and warm water directly to the affected area. Mix a half cup of oatmeal to a half cup of warm water until you have a paste. Then apply the past to the problem area and cover it with a warm, moist towel and keep your puppy calm for about ten minutes. You may have to offer some treats or talk soothingly to your pooch to get cooperation. Afterwords, gently remove the paste with the towel but do not rinse the area. You can repeat the process up to three times a day. You and your companion should see improvements within a couple of days.

Dry Dog Skin
Another option for how oatmeal can help with dogs dandruff is to make a powder of the oatmeal in the blender. For all of these solutions, it is important to use plain oatmeal. Avoid oatmeal that has any added flavorings. Reduce a cup of plain oatmeal to a powder in the blender and then add to it warm bath water and wash your dog in this bath solution. Do not add any soap or other cleansers. Gently pour the oatmeal water over the irritated area for five to ten minutes and then towel dry without rinsing with plain water. Since no soap or shampoo is used for this procedure, you can safely use it up to once a day without causing more skin irritation by over bathing.

Oatmeal shampoo for dogs is also available. If your dog has problems with itching and dry skin, regular use of an oatmeal shampoo can help. Oatmeal contains polysaccharides that are soothing to inflammation and shampoos that contain it are another way how oatmeal helps with canine dermatitis.