Dog Hot Spot Remedies

Dog Hot Spot Remedies Watching your dog scratch, bite, and chew at an itchy hot spot sometimes makes you as miserable as your poor dog. At, we have some excellent what are hot spots that are sure to relieve both your pain and your dog's. Dogs Hot Spot Complete Healing Kit Our complete healing kit is one of our best sellers for hot spot remedies. The kit includes three of our... Read More

Dog Seizures – Grand Mal

Grand Mal Seizures in Dogs Seizures in dogs result from an abnormal or sudden in change in the dog's neurological activity. The change in neurological activity can be caused by epileptic reasons or it can be a random occurrence. There is reason to believe that seizures in dogs can be an inherited trait as well. A dog that is experiencing a seizure is likely to be suffering from altered consciousn... Read More

Common Dog Skin Problems

Common Dog Skin Problems There are various skin conditions and problems that can be caused by numerous things. For example, skin allergies are a major problem in dogs and they can be caused by everything from heredity, type of breed, to being exposed to something in their environment. Environmental problems can come from exposure to chemicals , an inhalant, or anything else in the environment. Dog... Read More

Treating Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Best Methods to Treat Hip Dysplasia in Dogs Hip dysplasia is the loosening of muscles, connective tissue and ligaments that support the hip joint. This can lead to the leg bone and pelvic bone separating from each other. It is the equivalent of arthritis in humans, and very painful. Treating hip dysplasia in dogs may entail medication and surgery, plus addressing a few issues that may lessen pain... Read More

Jojoba Oil for Dog Skin Problems

Dry Dog Skin Problems - Treatment with Jojoba Oil Around this time of the year as the weather turns we get so many questions about the benefits of Jojoba Oil for dogs dry skin. Searching for dry dog skin problems treatment options? Search no further: has exactly what you're looking for to heal your dog's dry, itchy skin. Of our wide array of dry skin treatment , one of th... Read More

What is Dog Arthritis

What is Dog Arthritis and How Can it Be Treated Dog arthritis is a painful, non-reversible condition that affects our furry companions. It can occur as a normal part of the aging process, with strain such as that caused by obesity, or because of a sustained trauma such as a broken bone. It can occur in virtually any bone in the body, but hinged joints like the elbows and hips are particularly sus... Read More

Dog Arthritis Fish Oil

Benefits if Fish Oil for Dog Arthritis Treatment Arthritis on old and large dogs is very common. The symptoms, causes and probable cure are the same in dogs and in humans. Dog Arthritis treatment also includes dieting, exercise, NSAIDS and pet supplements. Arthritis on humans and animals are of the same physiology, however in canines, the joints commonly affected are the knees, elbows, hips and ... Read More

Dog Shedding Remedies

Good Way to Stop Dog Shedding - Remedies Dogs are important members of the family. They also need proper care and attention from you as their owners. But what if your dogs are suffering from shedding? Here are some shedding remedies that you can try to stop dog skin problems and bad shedding: Remember that animals really need to shed in order for them to get rid of damaged, old and extra hair.... Read More

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

What Causes hip dysplasia in dogs and arthritis Hip dysplasia is a disease that affects the hip joints of a canine. This area is where the dog’s body is attached to its hind legs. Much like the hips of a human being. Most veterinarians say that hip dysplasia in dogs occur during the growing months of a puppy. Hip dysplasia in dogs is generally considered to be a disease brought about by geneti... Read More

Dog Hair Loss Treatment

Treating Dog Hair Loss with Digestive Enzymes many dogs shed and lose hair. We all know shedding is is annoying. Excessive shedding could almost drive a completely sane person a little crazy. Fortunately, certain digestive enzymes can help pet owners stop dog hair loss in its tracks. Which Digestive Enzymes Stop Shedding? ● Proteolytic Enzymes: These enzymes help dogs more effectively break... Read More