Preventing Hot Spots on Dogs Skin

The Right Cure For Hot Spots On Canines Some canines develop an itchy dog skin every few weeks, which seems to hurt them a lot. This issue can be particularly acute in summer; then the problem recurs regularly in a four week cycle. The skin turns extremely red in the affected area and even swells. The animals start scratching and lamenting due to the uncomfortable and burning sensation. A visit t... Read More

Mange in Dogs- Different ways to treat it

Treating Mange in Dogs Effectively Mange in dogs is a common skin condition that can result in significant distress in them. There are various forms of mange and each of them is caused by a specific kind of mite. Mange in dogs results in the irritation in their skin as a result of which they may excessively scratch the area. The problem will not subside until it is properly diagnosed and treated. ... Read More

Dog Arthritis and Glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin treatments

How Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM Help Relieve Dog Pain Dogs are friends, companions and guardians. They may walk on four legs and be covered with fur, but in many ways they are just like humans. Unfortunately, one of those similarities is that pets can experience painful hip problems dog arthritis, osteoarthritis. However, in recent years veterinary medicine has discovered the value of human... Read More

Glucosamine for Dogs with Arthritis

Glucosamine for Dogs with Arthritis Canine osteoarthritis is an unfortunate ailment to befall a four-legged companion. Unfortunately, just like with humans, advanced age in canines can lead to health concerns, and canine osteoarthritis is one of the most commonplace items on the list. However, unlike humans, dogs cannot tell their human companions when they feel pain or are experiencing dog arthri... Read More

Diagnosing Demodectic Mange

Diagnosing Demodectic Mange The cause of Demodectic Mange is a tiny mite known as the Demodex Canis. The mite cannot be seen with the naked eye and is most commonly passed to puppies through the mother within the first few days after birth. In normal conditions, these mites are not considered troublesome and do not result in mange. Mange only occurs when a puppy has an abnormal immune system that ... Read More

Treatments For Dog Mange

Treatments For Dog Mange Mange is a skin disease on dogs, and it is most of the time caused parasitic mites. It can cause worry among many dog owners because dogs that are experiencing this dreaded skin disease lose their hair. Apart from dogs, mange can also happen on other domestic and livestock animals, which include cat and sheep just to name a few. In some cases, mange can also happen to huma... Read More

The Benefits of Glucosamine for Dogs

The Benefits of Glucosamine for Dogs Canine Arthritis and Joint Pain As we age our joints begin to show the years of wear resulting in stiffness and pain. This is usually due to the deterioration of cartilage. Dogs also experience this condition which is called canine arthritis. Arthritis can be a natural event due to aging. It can also be due to a trauma to the joint. Whatever the cause of the pa... Read More

What causes dog mange?

What Causes Dog Mange Dog mange is caused by microscopic mites that burrow under the top layer of skin on canines. There are both contagious and non-contagious varieties of mange that cause hair loss, itching and skin eruptions on dogs. When an animal has mites that are burrowing into their skin, the mites cause constant discomfort. Some dogs pull out their hair, scratch open wounds into their ski... Read More

Breeds of Dogs That Have Excessive Hair Loss

Breeds of Dogs that Have Excessive Hair Loss All breeds of dogs lose hair, the primary difference is the amount of the dog hair loss. Dogs with longer hair seem to be the worst shedders, but usually this is simply because the hair follicle lost is larger. Dog hair loss rates are determined by diet, climate, health, hormones and cleaning habits. There are hundreds of dog breeds around the world. S... Read More

Dog Shedding Causes

Reasons behind Dog Shedding   There are many known explanation why dog shedding occurs. It doesn’t take a scientist to understand the usual causes of dog’s hair loss. But some dog owners may not know this little detail yet one of the very important reasons why dog shedding occurs. It is the called phases of dog shedding. A dog owner can easily perceive that a dog can shed abundant amoun... Read More