Dog Hot Spots

Dog Hot Spots The malady is known by a variety of names including hot spots, lick sores, lick granuloma, dermatitis and, its correct medical term, pyotraumatic dermatitis. The medical term itself explains what the condition known as dog hot spots truly is. The prefix pyo, meaning pus, and traumatic, meaning caused by trauma; and derma having to do with skin, and itis, meaning severe inflammation.... Read More

Treating Dog mange with Enzymes

Treating Dog mange with Enzymes Dog mange is a skin condition in pet that is caused by parasitic mites invading the skin. This condition is common in domesticated dogs spend time outside where the parasites live. The parasites embed themselves into the skin and around the hair follicles. This causes excessive itching on the affected skin areas. Some symptoms of mange include excessive inching and... Read More

Benefits of aloe vera in dogs shampoo

Benefits of aloe vera in dogs shampoo Shampooing your dog is never one of the most enjoyable things that you do in your day, so you want this time to be worth something. Dogs seem to pick up dirt everywhere, and if it’s not washed out of their hair, it gets down into their skin. That is why a good bath, with a good dog shampoo is a must for dog owners. Starting them out as puppies getting wee... Read More

Natural Treatments For Dog Arthritis

Great treatment for dogs with arthritis Just as the human body can suffer from ailments and debilitating health conditions, so can that of a pet. As a dog begins to age they can develop inflammation and pain in their joints better known as arthritis. Although this condition occurs in smaller dogs too, because of the size and weight put on the joints, arthritis is more commonly seen in larger bree... Read More

Dog Demodectic Mange

What is Demodectic Mange in Dogs? Mange is a contagious skin related malady that is caused by the presence of parasitic mites. Mange is most common in domesticated animals including: dogs, cats, livestock, and even humans. The condition arises when the parasites imbed themselves in skin or hair follicles causing baldness in the affected area. Demodectic mange, also called red mange, is caused in ... Read More

Dog Fish Oil Supplements

The many benefits of Dog fish oil supplements Dog fish oil can have a lot of benefits for a person’s dog. If people are still asking if fish oil that is formulated for humans would be safe for dogs, then they’re in for a big surprise. has the same effect on dogs as it has on humans, in fact, fish oil has been used on dogs longer that it has been on humans. Veterinarians have used them to help ... Read More

Cuases of Canine Hot Spots

What causes canine hot spots Hot spots (acute moist dermatitis) on dogs are generally created by a dog chewing and scratching at an irritated area on the body until it is red, and /or bleeding. These hot spots on dogs are usually about 1 to 4 inches in size and are generally warm, swollen, painful, and can sometimes contain a foul odor and pus. Hair in the area is loss, these spots can develop qu... Read More

Mange in dogs Treatments and Types

Understanding and Treating Different Types of Mange in Dogs Skin and Coat If Fido has been scratching himself a lot lately, he may have contracted a case of canine mange, which if left untreated could become a serious, in some cases, even lethal problem. Dog mange is a parasitic condition involving tiny, sometimes microscopic, spider-like creatures that burrow into your pet’s skin to lay their ... Read More

Types of Mange on Dogs

What are the different types of Mange on Dogs? Everyone has heard a dog referred to as a "mangy mutt" but not many people stop to think where this phrase actually came from. A true mangy mutt is actually a dog that is infected with mange. So what exactly is mange on dogs? In short, mange is an infestation of mites in the dogs skin. There are four types of dog mange: demodectic mange, sarcoptic ... Read More

Canine Mange in dogs skin & Lice

Mange in dogs & Dog Lice Treatment Methods The most obvious and probably important method of mange in dogs and lice treatment is grooming. Lice, unlike fleas, are sluggish and almost never move but are easily transferable through direct contact with infected dogs. And the need for proper grooming can never be emphasized more. Among other dog lice treatment methods, those that involve regular... Read More