Dog Hot Spots Treatment

How to Treat Hot Spots Hot spots can be very troublesome to get rid of since dogs often lick the sores causing matted and wet hair. This can cause infection to spread or other serious problems if it is not dealt with quickly. In order to prevent the spread of infection, it is recommended to cut the hair near the infected area. This prevents the hair from matting and prevents the hot spot from get... Read More

The Benefits of Natual Dog Shampoo

Is Organic Shampoo Best for My Pet? Grooming is an important part of taking care of your dog. Believe it or not, your dog’s skin may be more sensitive than yours is because it is protected for the most part by a thick layer of fur. Commercial dog shampoos made from detergents or soaps will dry your dog’s skin out, leaving him or her itchy and uncomfortable. If you want a clean, happy and healt... Read More

Dogs Can Suffer From Pain Too

Dogs Can Suffer From Pain Too One of the major causes of pain in older dogs is Arthritis. It is normal for an older dog to develop Arthritis in its joints and experience a good amount of discomfort. Dog pain caused by Arthritis is very simple to treat. There are over the counter options as well as prescription options. Keeping an older dog healthy and active is important. Their joints need to be e... Read More

Treating Hot Spots

Hot spots are also known as summer sores or moist eczema. The trigger for this skin condition in dogs ranges from insect bites to excessive itching, licking and scratching. Despite the cause, canine dermatitis and moist eczema are conditions that can quickly spread and cause serious infections. The majority of these skin issues are open, as a result they are easily infected with bacteria and can r... Read More

What is Sarcoptic Mange

If you have ever experienced a sarcoptic mange outbreak in one or more of your dogs, you know how difficult it can be to treat. Sarcoptic mange is a contagious infection caused by mites that cause uncomfortable itching and hair loss for your pet. Usually this is a result of a low immune system which might occur in very young puppies or older animals. Since the infection is contagious it is import... Read More

Benefits of Omega-3 for Dogs

Benefits of Omega-3 for Dogs Dogs and humans have similar physiological systems so Omega-3 for dogs is just as beneficial as it is for humans. Veterinarians used to just recommend Omega-3 fish oil for the dogs coats and as a remedy for skin allergies. After treating enough dogs with skin allergies they discovered that other ailments were improving such as: • Arthritis. • High cholesterol. • ... Read More

What is Dog Hip Dysplasia

Treating Dog Hip Dysplasia Though surgical treatments will usually be recommended for a dog with hip dysplasia, there are many concurrent and post operative management approaches that can help to speed up recovery and prevent additional discomforts. In most cases, weight management is a crucial element to recovery and overall disease treatment. Any impeding surgery as well as concurrent medicatio... Read More

omega 3 for dogs – benefits

omega 3 for dogs - benefits Omega 3 for dogs is a vital dietary supplement to ensure that your dog will not only have a shiny coat but that your pet will also have the reduced likelihood of becoming victim to degenerative diseases. Omegaa 3 is derived from flax seed and has been proven to be a wonderful nutrient for humans as well as dogs. Only recently have humans realized what an important role ... Read More

Dog Mites in Ears – Causes

Dog Mites in Ears - Causes Ear mites are tiny dependant insects that deliver most of their lives in and around the global ear canals of the animals they overrun. Occasionally, they are make on added areas of their multitude's wound, overmuch as paws, nous, porta, rump and appendage. The ear mite of vexation in tamed dogs is Otodectescynotis. Otodectes mites support off of their hosts' execution,... Read More

Dog Sarcoptic Mange Treatments

Dog Sarcoptic Mange Treatments Dogs are victims of so many ailments which cause discomfort, extreme pain or sometimes death. From the common cold, flea infestations and ear infections to even skin disorders and rashes. One of the most common problems with dogs, especially outside dogs, is mange. A form of Mange that is common among dogs is Sarcoptic Mange. Sarcoptic Mange is otherwise known as Ca... Read More