Should Puppies Take Suplements?

Recommended Supplements for Dogs A puppy is full of energy and constantly on the go; unfortunately, its brain does not keep up with its body, leading to the decimation of our shoes, toys, and furniture. Essentially, a puppy is difficult to train and housebreak; other problems with your new puppy's growth and development may also arise. Thankfully, there are several supplements that will support ... Read More

Best Analgesics for Dogs

When owning an animal, there will be several times throughout their life when you need to bring them to a veterinarian's office. More times than not, it will be to receive pain medication for an injury or an age related disorder. When discussing medications with your vet, be sure to keep in mind some of the most effective analgesics available on the market. Morphine is a popular narcotic due t... Read More

Prevent Fleas and Ticks

How to Prevent Ticks and Fleas Naturally If you have pets, you have to worry about ticks and fleas; when no preventative measures are taken, your companion can become seriously infested. Not only do ticks and fleas make your pets uncomfortable, they also make them sick and unhealthy. Ticks and fleas can spread diseases by transmitting a variety of other parasites to the host; including Lyme Dise... Read More

What is Demodectic Mange?

What is Red Mange? Many dog owners have heard of mange but are not quite sure what it is, how it is caused or how to prevent their dog from contracting it. Mange is not actually a disease that your dog can catch; it is caused by a variety of tiny mites. Demodectic mange is the most common type; it is caused by Demodex Canis Mites overpopulating and causing sensitivity on the host’s skin when t... Read More

Breeds Prone to Dermatitis

Dermatitis in Dogs The most common health problems in canines are skin disorders, which can be brought about by a myriad of issues. Some ailments, however, can be transferred to humans. If you see your dog scratching and biting at himself frequently, then he may have dermatitis. Dermatitis refers to an inflammatory itching of the skin; occurrences such as allergies, the environment, bacteria, viru... Read More

My Pooch is Diabetic

What is Diabetes? Diabetes can effect canines in the same fashion as it does humans. Importantly, it is not contagious and cannot be passed on to another human or animal. Diabetes is a condition when the body cannot make or use insulin; if a dog does not have enough insulin, blood glucose levels rise and cause several complications. An insulin overdose can cause low blood sugar, as well as convuls... Read More

Controlling Flea Bites

Does My Dog Have Fleas? If you are the owner of a dog and you believe he has a flea infestation, it is important to treat him as quickly as possible to prevent infections, scabs, and serious infestations throughout your home. When this occurs, they are often subjected to bites, which may cause itchiness, making him uncomfortable throughout the day. Getting them under control is possible with ... Read More

Salmon Oil for a Lazy Puppy

EPA and DHA for Puppies Daily doses of EPA and DHA will yield a shiny, healthy, coat and strong teeth and nails. For older dogs (or lazy puppies) suffering from fatigue, this essential supplement has been shown to increase stamina and joint flexibility. It also wards off arthritis, which is a big concern among owners of certain breeds. When paired with chondroitin and glucosamine, pet-moobilit... Read More

Where Should I Bathe My Labrador?

Can Large Breeds Be Washed Inside? As many owners know, exercising proper care involves a lot of responsibility. Not only does one need to feed, walk, and go to the vet regularly, but bathing a dog is also a necessary part of helping to ensure they remain healthy. Giving a him routine baths keeps the skin and coat healthy and also helps prevent infestations of fleas and other unwanted parasites. ... Read More

Life Span: Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Benefits of Salmon Oil and Enzymes There are many kinds of dietary additives on the market but one is known for its superior pet appeal. Life Span with C0Q10 is a great source of omega-3 and omega-6; each shown to improve brain function and help prevent heart disease. CoQ10 for dogs has been shown to improve kitten or puppy coat shine and even have him feeling and acting younger. The Life Span... Read More