dogs skin allergies

Hello, can you explain how allergies are tied to skin conditions on a dog? For example, is it true that dog allergies can cause itchy skin, scratching, and skin irritations? how does this occur? thanks... Read More

Itchy Skin Dogs

Hello, my to Basset Hounds are biting their skin very often and we just recently changed the type of dog food we provide. Can this dogs itchy skin a result of a change in diet? Also, is there a chance it can be a skin disorder? will pet enzymes help? Thanks so much in advance!... Read More

Dog Bath

Hi, how often would you recommend I give my dog a bath. He is an indoor pet, although he does run around in the woods everyday. We would like to give him a bath every week but worry it may be to much. Thanks! Katie and John... Read More

Dog Dandruff

Hi, my dog gets bad dandruff after a bath and it lasts about 2 weeks. he is black so it is real noticeable. He does not scratch so much, but just the white flakes are an issue for us. any ideas on the cause and what can be done to help... Read More

Scratchy Dogs

Hello, my dog often gets dry itchy skin when winter comes around.  It causes him to flake and scratch a lot.   What can be done to help out?  I have tried bathing him less and keeping him inside more but does not seem to work.  thanks, Annabel.... Read More

Salmon Oil

Question:   Hello, is it true that Salmon Oil for dogs is good for dogs?  What are the benefits? Answer:   Yes, Fish Oil is very good for dogs.   Not only does it help with joint mobility and movement, it contains Omega Fatty Acids which have many health benefits. LifeSpan Salmon Oil MAX Fish Oil for Dogs also contains CoQ10 which is heart healthy.  It also comes from the cold waters of ... Read More

Dog Shampoos

If you need a dog dandruff shampoo to help with dogs dry skin, try Evolutions Dog Dermatitis and Dandruff Shampoo.... Read More