Dog Scratching Treatments

Dog Scratching Pets experience many skin conditions that affect their overall health. Perhaps one most obvious sign that your dog has a skin disease if you see frequent dog scratching. Skin irritations and poor coat quality in canines is often a result of improper diet, excessive exposure to the elements (in particular cold conditions), genetic circumstances, or using an improper dog shampoo. P... Read More

Dog dandruff treatments

Hello Evolution Pets, I have a 3 year old mix, mostly beagle, that up until a few month back had a very health coat. Now he is developing dog dandruff and I am looking for a cure. We have not switched our dog food, as I have read that that can be a cause. When we first noticed the dandruff we though it was stress, as this sometimes would cause flaking on his coat. But then the dandruff  and f... Read More

dog yest infection

Enzymes work great to cure Dog Candida Yeast Infection. Make sure they are fortified with zinc pca as this will kill the yeast and its source much quicker than other products... Read More

Candida Yeast Infection Treatment

Hello, can you please suggest a treatment for Dog Candida Yeast Infection. My dog has had yeast infection issues for some time and I would love to find a temperament solution. thanks! Are enzymes a good solution; or is a medicated drug the best approach to take? ANSWER:  Digestive enzymes for dogs are a great option for candida yeast infection in animals.  Dog Digestive Enzymes help improve di... Read More

What is the best type of dog shampoo

What is the best dog shampoo? So many people would probably vouch behind the shampoo that hey have found works best for them and their dog. However, dog shampoos are best when they work the best for your dog. Different shampoos are designed to do different things for your dog. If it is suffering from dry skin, dandruff, eczema, flaky skin, or other serious skin conditions then it is very likely th... Read More

Enzymes for Dogs Itchy Skin

Hi, I read your article on dog enzymes and really found it informational. Can you please post an article explaining the different types of enzymes and how they help dog health; especially with respect to itchy skin and excessive scratching. I have a mixed breed (mostly doberman) who was always scratching his skin before we switched to your enzymes and oatmeal medicated shampoo. I would love to ... Read More

antibacterial pet lotion

Hello, is there an antibacterial lotion or shampoo that can be used on my dogs paws? he gets rashes and scratchy paws. I have tried to use hand lotion but he licks it off. Is there a balm or lotions I can apply to his paws to help cure the dry skin? many thanks!... Read More