Salmon Oil for Dogs

Salmon Oil for Dogs -The Benefits Fish oil for dogs is just as beneficial as it is for human beings. Salmon oil for dogs can be obtained from fish oil. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential in keeping the dog healthy. Dogs that take salmon oil have strong joints, healthy heart, good brain development, good skin and so on. Salmon oil for dogs is usually given orally and should be a... Read More

What causes hot spots on dogs

Why Dogs Get Hot Spots on their skin There are a number of causes that can make your pet suffer from dog hot spots, also know as moist dermatitis. The hot spots are painful and cause great discomfort to pet. They are moist sores which occur when your pet scratches after being bitten by fleas. Allergies can also make your pet feel itchy and lead to hot spots on dogs. The hot spots spread very fast... Read More

Relief for Dog Hot Spots

Dogs Hot Spot Treatment Options Hot spots are usually inflamed, red blisters on your pet's skin. They make your pet feel very itchy and it can really suffer. It makes your pet very uncomfortable. During summer, dog hot spots are common due to the heat. They affect pet with longer hairs more often than those with short ones. Some pets also get hot spots when they go swimming in public ponds o... Read More

Salmon Oil for Dogs

The Best Salmon Oil for Dogs Salmon oil for dogs contains the omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial to your pet. It has no side effects and helps to ensure that every part of your dog remains healthy. This means that not only will the skin be healthier, but the dog's joints and muscles will also benefit from fish oil for dogs. The oil can be given orally to the pet. Dogs metabolize oil di... Read More

Treating Dog Pimples and Acne

Dog Pimples Remedies with Zinc-pca Dogs are not subjected to social stigma just because they have pimples on the face like humans do. This does not mean that the dog pimples do not cause your a lot of discomfort. Just because your dog cannot speak and tell you how they are feeling does not mean they do not have problems. One problem that many people usually ignore is dog pimples. It is only... Read More


What is the Best Medicated Dog Shampoo Using a medicated hair care product for dogs will effectively treat many issues to include dry skin, dogs dandruff as well as eczema and dermatitis. So the question always comes up, what is the best medicated dog shampoo. Well the answer is in the ingredients. You want to be sure to select a pet product that is formulated specifically for animals and one ... Read More

Dog Pimples, can canines develop acne?

Dog Acne: Can Dogs Develop Pimples? Dog Acne is a common skin disorder associated with teenagers. This affliction has been thought to be caused by eating too much chocolate, so many people are under the misconception that since dogs do not eat chocolate, they must be unable to get acne. However, research has shown that dog pimples actually has nothing to do with chocolate. Rather, it is caused... Read More

Dog Dermatitis and Dog Dry Skin

What Is Canine Dermatitis and how it causes dog dry skin issues Dog dermatitis is one of the most commonly found infections in canines around the world and it causes dog dry skin issues. The term refers to the medical condition wherein an infection occurs on the skin of the dog. The infection can take form in a number of ways, ranging from inflamed itchy skin to scaly, dry patches. Dog dermatitis... Read More

Use a Dog Shampoo to Control Shedding

Treating a Shedding Dog with medicated dog shampoo If you own a dog and troubled with shedding of his hairs, then there is no need to panic, here you can get detailed information and complete way to treat dog shedding with medicated dog shampoo. It is quite difficult to clean the flour if the dog in the house has hair shedding problem and it is also very irritating. There are some effective ways ... Read More