Various Types of Dog Epilepsy

Types of Epilepsy in Dogs. Typical canine epilepsy or the recurring seizures is a dangerous disease since pre- diagnosis is not possible. However epilepsy in dog can be controlled by an effective medication and proper care. Accurate knowledge of the symptoms will enable you to identify the right type of seizures in dogs. There are mainly four stages in recurring dog seizure treatment. They are t... Read More

Fish Oil for Dog Health

Fish Oil for Dogs - The Health Advantages Fish oil for dogs comes with many health advantages for your pet. You can give your dog fish oil at any age and to all breeds. Most people use fish oil for dogs to keep their pets skin shiny. However, there are other advantages of using fish oil which are greater than just a beautiful shiny coat for your pet. When not used properly, the fish oil for dog... Read More

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Presents for Dogs on Christmas Every year around this time our customers will ask us if we are going to be coming out with anything that they can give to their dog on Christmas. Well the good news is that we will soon be rolling out our holiday Dog Biscuits and personalized dog tags. These make great gifts for pets as they are not simply gifts just to give gifts (if that makes any sense). They ... Read More

Training Puppies

When Is a Good Time To Start Training Puppies? Puppies are great to have in a family and they will no doubt provide much happiness and joy. To get the best satisfaction from them it is important to train puppies young and instill in them the qualities and obedience that you expect from your new dog. So when it is a good time to start training puppies? The answer is the day they come into your ... Read More

Stop Dogs Scratching with Oatmeal and Aloe-Vera Shampoo

So many dog's today experience constant scratching and the reasons are broad. Perhaps the most common condition we see is good old fashioned dog scratching caused by dry skin. Perhaps a mild case of dandruff or dermatitis is also present. Another common cause of an itchy dog are skin allergies which cause excessive itching and scratching and and often include water eyes and other conditions. ... Read More

Treating Dog Rashes Naturally and Safely

Dog Rashes Treatments and Remedies Rashes are uncomfortable for pets and you need know how to go about treating dog rash. The rashes are usually itchy and your pet can keep biting and scratching the affected area. You will find that there are many ways to treat the rash like using medicine or natural remedies. You need to choose treatment depending on the rash on your pet’s skin. The intensity ... Read More

Remedies for dog hot spots on skin

Treating Hot Spots on Dogs Safely You need to start treating hot spots on your dog’s skin as soon as you identify them. They spread very fast if left untreated. The dog hot spots are very painful and increase in size every minute you need to know remedies for hot spots which you can use at home to treat your pet. They can help you prevent further infections which occur when the sores run deep a... Read More

Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Benefits of Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for dry itchy skin There are many advantages to using a quality oatmeal dog shampoo when your pet has dry skin, is itching, or if you are experiencing dandruff. Ironically there are not many premium pet shampoos that contain oatmeal, or at least an adequate amount of it to have a positive affect on a dogs skin and coat. In fact less than 5% of all shampoo for dog... Read More

Best Natural Dog Seizure and Epilepsy Treatment Choices

Treating continual Dog Seizures Naturally in Conjunction with Veterinarian prescribed Medication Dog Seizures leave your pet tired and weak because of the movement and jerks they make during the episodes. Sometimes your pet may not move its body at all while sometimes it makes moves involving only parts of its body. Dog seizures can happen more than once in a day depending on the extent of damage... Read More

Causes of Dog Seizures and Epilepsy in Dogs

What are the Reasons behind Dog Seizures? Sometimes dog seizures can be compared to uncontrolled muscle spasms. This occurs when the bodily functions of your pet cannot be controlled by the brain. There are various factors that are causes of dog seizures. You need to understand them for you to treat your pet in the right way. Here are some of the common causes of seizures in dogs: • Epilepsy ... Read More