Dog Skin Problems Treating

What Causes Dog Skin Problems in the Winter? The cold winter months don't just cause skin problems in people, they affect dogs too. Many pets suffer from itchy, dry skin all throughout the winter. This leaves many pet owners wondering what causes dog skin problems, as well as what they can do to help. What Causes Winter Dog Itching? One of the main causes of dog skin problems is the dry winter ... Read More

Treating Dog itching

How to Treat Dog Itching We love our pets and want them to be as healthy as possible. So when they have problems with their skin, such as dog itching we need to find a way to treat them and make them feel comfortable. Itching is a skin problem that can be caused by fleas, allergies, infection, and poor nutrition. It is important to rule out any serious conditions with your vet, but once this has... Read More

How to Stop Dog Shedding

Stop Dog Shedding and Hair Loss Pets are members of your family. You would do anything for your beloved pet just to make their life comfortable and easier. What if your pet is suffering from shedding? Read this article to help your beloved dogs stop shedding. Dog shedding can be very problematic especially if your breeds are Malamutes, Norwegian Elkhounds, Siberian Huskies, Pomeranians, and othe... Read More

How to Control Dog Lice

Treating Dog Lice More so than ever dogs lice can cause more problems for pets than what we give them credit for. They more than just cause severe itching, dryness, and bald patches on the skin. In more severe cases, dog lice can even induce anemia, and eventually death to unsuspecting pets if not promptly handled. Lice on Pets is easier to control than fleas and ticks because they do not ab... Read More

Dog Lice and Mites Treatments

Treating Mites and Lice in Dogs Mites and dog lice can cause various damages, most of them go deeper than the skin. The most common clinical signs of mites and dog lice infestation are severe itching, dryness of the coat and random bald patches. Dogs lice usually gather around the anus, shoulders, neck and ears so pet-owners should pay special attention to these areas when grooming their do... Read More

Seizures in Dogs – Natural Treatments

Natural Treatments for Seizures in Dogs We often get asked if there are effective treatment options for canine epilepsy and seizures in dogs? The answer is that there are some very effective treatments for canine seizures, but they alone will not necessarily cure and stop the attacks. The reason is that there is no cure for dog seizures (for that matter epilepsy in humans as well.) In fact the... Read More

How to Clean a Dogs Teeth

How to Clean a Dog's Teeth Just like humans, dogs need regular cleaning of their teeth to ensure healthy gums, healthy teeth and overall a healthy mouth. A dog's teeth, when left uncleaned can cause plaque and tartar to develop around it. This could further lead to more serious consequences like periodontal diseases and other dog diseases connected to the gums, teeth and mouth. This is why cleani... Read More

Dog Skin Problems in Winter

Submitted from a customer: Hello, as soon as winter arrives my 2 dogs (German Sheppard and a Beagle) always seem to develop dry skin, especially around there paws and back legs. While they do go outside often, they spend most of their time inside. What do you think can be the problem causing this dry skin, and what would you recommend as a good treatment option? It is hard for us to bath them... Read More

What is a Dog Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection on Dogs Skin Quite often, dogs will suffer from various skin ailments where either a yeast infection, fungal infection or a combination of the two is the culprit. A dog yeast infection is rarely fatal, however it often becomes chronic, causing much discomfort for the dog, and stress for the owner. If you notice strange patches of hair loss with obvious irritation or something els... Read More

Aloe Vera to Treat Itchy Dog Skin

How to Treat Dog Itchy Skin with Aloe-Vera. Aloe Vera gel or cream is widely used to treat skin diseases in dogs and it has many magical powers to heal the skin problems such a itchy dog skin. Aloe Vera is a plant with spiked and thick skinned leaves. A potted aloe vera plant is very common in many homes in Asia and Europe. The veterinarians also recommend aloe Vera gel as the most effective one ... Read More