How to clean and treat hot spots on dogs

With the warmer weather approaching, dog’s become more prone to hotspots, sometimes referred to as acute moist dermatitis.  These hotpsots are infections on the skin and can cause itching and scratching and are often very uncomfortable and sometimes become painful. 

Hotspots on dogs can be caused many issues such as inset bites, infections and weak immune systems.  Weak immune systems will result in many recurrences of hot spots as the body is not able to fend off these normal skin issues.  When this is the case be sure to give your dog digestive enzymes, such a SkinPlex PLUS digestive enzymes for dogs.  They will help to strengthen your dog’s immune system.

Before we continue, why are they called hot spots?   Because the infection often becomes warm to the touch.

Hot to Treat a Hot Spot on a Dog

how to clean a dog hot spot

1. Clear the area of fur or hair.   If your dog is long haired, or if the infection has a lot of fur around it carefully trim back some of the hair or coat so the hotspot is visible and so the hair wont rest on the infection.

treating dog shot spots

2. Treat and clean the hotspot with a topical solution or cream to kill any infections and prevent spreading.  We recommend DermaMax Hot Spot Healing Cream.  Apply as necessary until the hot spot is gone.  If your dog has multiple hot spots we recommend using a medicated dog shampoo that will treat larger areas more effectively.  RenuPlex Medicated Dog Shampoo is great for this.  Before applying the healing cream, apply a cold compress to the hot spot for a few minutes to reduce swelling.   This should also be done daily.

continue to clean the dog hot spot

3. Continue to clean and treat the hot spot daily.   Again, use a cold compress to reduce redness and pain and clean the area.  Apply for a least 3 minutes and then clean the area gently.  Then reapply a antiseptic healing cream or solution such as DermaMax Hot Spot Healing Cream.   This step may take up to 5 to 10 days, but you should see improvement.  If possible try to keep licking and scratching to a minimal.

keep hot spots from returning

4. Keep the hot spot from returning.   If you notice the hot spot will not completely heal, or if more hot spots develop, begin giving your dig digestive enzymes for dogs.  These will help to rebuild and strengthen her immune system which is responsible for preventing skin irritations, like hot spots, from occurring. 

We hope this information is useful in helping to treat hot spots in dogs.