Dogs Can Suffer From Pain Too

Dogs Can Suffer From Pain Too
One of the major causes of pain in older dogs is Arthritis. It is normal for an older dog to develop Arthritis in its joints and experience a good amount of discomfort. Dog pain caused by Arthritis is very simple to treat. There are over the counter options as well as prescription options. Keeping an older dog healthy and active is important. Their joints need to be exercised daily so that they remain strong. A well balanced diet is also important for older dogs with Arthritis. Providing them with the necessary vitamins, nutrients and necessary elements in their diets also promotes joint health.

Hip Dysplasia is another common reason for dog pain. Hip dysplasia is another ailment that can begin naturally as a dog ages. Dysplasia comes from enzymes depleting in a dog’s system. As the enzymes deplete more, a dog will begin to suffer musculoskeletal and joint disease. Replacing the living enzymes in a dog’s body will help offset the effects of Hip Dysplasia some. Enzymes also help to replenish Synovial Fluid. Synovial Fluid is necessary for the lubrication of the joints; a depleted supply will cause dog pain to be moderate to severe as they move.

Dog pain can also come from an injury or reconstructive surgery. In most cases, pain caused from injury or surgery is short term and goes away on its own. In extreme cases, an alternative treatment option may be needed in order to keep your dog comfortable and free from pain.

There are several treatment options to help your dog through their dog pain:
• Physical Therapy is a treatment option for Canine Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia
• Vitamin supplement increases to promote healthy joints
• Prescription medication treatments to decrease pain
• LifeSpan supplement treatment to promote movement and enzyme increases
• Adding calcium and protein in a natural diet
• Increased activity and longer walks
• Steps in the home for the dog to get into his/her favorite chair
• Steps to help the dog get into your vehicle
• A comfortable bed promoting warmth to reduce your dog’s pain while it rests

Using some of these points above will keep your dog healthy and help them to forget about their dog pain some. Some veterinarians will suggest that your dog take Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements to promote healthy joints. The LifeSpan supplement provides a better option than Glucosamine and Chondroitin combined. It also assists in improving a dog’s movement and stamina. The necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that an older dog needs to stay active are available in one simple supplement. Dogs suffer from Arthritic and hip pain just as older adults do; the same treatment options are available for them that are available for us.

Pain in a dog can often cause depression, aggression and lethargy in your senior dog. Encouraging them to be active and assisting them with a proper diet, increased exercise and a daily supplement can bring a new life to your best friend. If you see that your dog is suffering and is in pain, visit the veterinarian and ask them what options would be best for your dog and discuss a natural vitamin supplement, such as LifeSpan, for your dog. Living pain free and with ease is an option for your canine friend. Natural treatment options are much healthier with little or no side effects. Your dog won’t mind taking it as it is easily hidden in a special treat. He or she will be very happy to be able to move easier and have energy to keep up with you on those long and vigorous walks.