Dog Skin Allergy

Lately there have been many questions asked about the origins of scratching and itchy skin; is it a result of a poor selection of shampoo, dog allergies, or other factors? Well there is no one answer, the situation is unique for all dogs. I can however tell you that about 75% of all cases we see (and we get a lot) are a result of  dog skin allergy issues.

The best way to determine why your dog is experiencing dry skin, itchy hair, hot spots, or perhaps rashes is through a process of elimination. First try switching out the dog shampoo that you use (wash once a week for 2 weeks) See if you notice any difference. You most likely will not notice a complete correction, but look for improvement on your dogs skin. If not, then dog skin allergies are a prime suspect. We would then recommend to start using dog enzymes begin to look for any improvement. If it is indeed dogs skin allergies causing the problems than you should see some improvement in about 10 days.

Continue using the enzymes and in 3-weeks you should see noticeable improvement on your dogs skin and a noticeable decrease in dog scratching.  You should also notice a big decrease in your dogs dry skin

Thanks for your questions and feel free to ask any other related to pet health