Dog Shedding Remedies

Good Way to Stop Dog Shedding – Remedies

Dogs are important members of the family. They also need proper care and attention from you as their owners. But what if your dogs are suffering from shedding? Here are some shedding remedies that you can try to stop dog skin problems and bad shedding:

Remember that animals really need to shed in order for them to get rid of damaged, old and extra hair. However, dogs will also shed because of damaged hair and if their skin is irritated, and may even develop mange. Regardless of your dog’s age or breed – they will shed. Stop shedding by following the list of good dog shedding remedies.

Tips to help Control Canine Shedding and Dog Skin Problems with Diet

1) Always use a High Quality Natural Pet Food: Feed high quality pet food that is has good digestible sources. Your dog’s coat and hair is the reflection of what you give them as their food. This is one of the primary way to stop shedding of your dog.
2) Your dog needs fatty acid supplement to make their coat healthy. Ask your veterinarian to ask for prescription.
3) You have to control your dog’s fleas and skin allergies. Make sure your beloved dog is getting the much needed allergy relief.
4) Another dogs shedding remedies is you have to send your dog regularly to the veterinary clinic for regular check-ups. Your dog will have the tendency to get many diseases that can infect the hair coat and skin once they don’t get the proper care. Your veterinarian will be able to identify immediately the dog skin problems if there are, and will be able to provide the right treatment and medication.
5) Bath and groom your dog regularly. For some dogs, a twice a month bath is fine. You wouldn’t believe that dogs love grooming. It’s like a private massage for them that helps control other dog skin problems such as mange, itchy skin, excessive scratching, dry skin, yeast infections, and hot spots. They will appreciate if you pamper them such as fluffy fur and pretty toe nails. Once your dog is healthy, they will have healthier hair and coat. You have to use a shampoo and conditioner that is really made for dogs. These products contain the necessary nutrients and ingredients that your dog needs. Human shampoos are not suitable for them.
6) Make it a habit to brush your pet. When you regularly brush the hair of your pet, you will keep your home free from your dog’s hair. It will stop shedding because it will make your dog’s coat cleaner and softer.
7) You have to use the right brush for your dog to control shedding. Dog brushes that are available in the market have specific functions. Most of these brushes have specific designs and can work best on the type of hair and coat that they are designed for.
8) Another dog shedding remedies is to protect your upholstery. Your car seats and furniture are a magnet of your dog’s hair. It could be very tedious on your part to remove the hair and fur of your pet, which will help end other dog skin problems and infections.
9) Be diligent in vacuuming areas of your home. It is one of the best ways to make your home hair free, it also help reduce exposure of bacteria that can lead to dry itchy dog skin. The hair that is newly shed is easy to remove before it goes to your upholstery.

You have to keep in mind that proper grooming and brushing is very important in your dog’s life. You have to follow the above shedding remedies in order for your pet to stop shedding and control dog skin problems.