Dog Sarcoptic Mange Treatments

Dog Sarcoptic Mange Treatments

Dogs are victims of so many ailments which cause discomfort, extreme pain or sometimes death. From the common cold, flea infestations and ear infections to even skin disorders and rashes. One of the most common problems with dogs, especially outside dogs, is mange. A form of Mange that is common among dogs is Sarcoptic Mange. Sarcoptic Mange is otherwise known as Canine Scabies.

Sarcoptic Mange affects the skin causing scaley red patches and even makes the hair fall out. This problem is very irritating for the dog and can cause more serious conditions if left untreated.

Dog Sarcoptic Mange is caused by small mites called SarcoptesScabiei. Even though it is said that cats can also contract Sarcoptic mange, it is more common in dogs. Unlike Demodectic Mange, which affects animals with weakened immune systems, Sarcoptic Mange can affect any healthy dog and cause horrible irritation. The longer the mites burrow and inhabit the host, the more hair falls out and the dog becomes sick. As the mites burrow into the skin laying their eggs, the animals skin becomes irritated. This is what causes the itching associated with Sarcoptic Mange. It has been seen that the mites infect areas of the dogs body which has the least amount of hair. As the infection worsens, the mites can affect wider ranges of areas and make oozing lesions and severe hair loss. Mites reproduce and then even leave the body searching for a larger host to infect.

Sarcoptic Mange is highly contagious and can even be contracted through being in the same area as another pet who has mange. The mites can easily live off a host in a cool area for a couple of weeks. Mites can live just as easily with no host in a cool area, just not for as long. Sarcoptic Mange is very uncomfortable for animals and can cause death if left untreated.

But there is hope. There are Dog Sarcoptic Mange treatments which can work very effectively. Some Veterinarians suggest dips or ointments which can treat only the pet. But, to ensure that the dog is mite free, it is suggested that all bedding, pet grooming supplies and carpets are sprayed with insecticides. This ensures that no mites continue to breed away from its host. Some dog sarcoptic mange treatments, such as creams or ointments, cannot be used on all breeds of dog. The chemicals of some creams and ointments have been proven to cause negative reactions in certain mange infected animals. This is true for dips as well. Make sure that the Veterinarian sees your pet before administering treatment for Sarcoptic Mange. If money or time is an issue for the pet owner, there are other options.

Natural Treatments for Sarcoptic Mange

There are natural ways of administering dog sarcoptic mange treatments. There are natural remedies which can bypass negative reactions and prove to be just as effective. One natural remedy is Garlic. Garlic has been known to be a great natural remedy for mange. Other natural remedies include Wormwood, Neem and Lemongrass. With these natural solutions, unless the pet has an allergy to these substances, Sarcoptic Mange can successfully be cured.

Dog sarcoptic mange treatments are easy to administer, seeing that they are primarily external treatments. Some Veternarians, although, have chosen to prescribe antibiotics to fight the infection symptoms within the body. Most of the oral medications prescribed are antibiotics for yeast associated infections. These medications should be administered as you would any other oral medication.

So do not worry if your dog has been diagnosed with mange. Today’s treatments have advanced, offering a wide range of options to improve your pets health. Dog sarcoptic mange treatments are varied and effective, giving your pet its much needed relief from Sarcoptic Mange.