What causes dog mange?

What Causes Dog Mange

Dog mange is caused by microscopic mites that burrow under the top layer of skin on canines. There are both contagious and non-contagious varieties of mange that cause hair loss, itching and skin eruptions on dogs. When an animal has mites that are burrowing into their skin, the mites cause constant discomfort. Some dogs pull out their hair, scratch open wounds into their skin or snap unexpectedly at their owners.

More information on dog mange

Sarcoptic Dog Mange:Sarcoptic Canine Scabies is highly contagious to humans, cats and other species of animals. Whenever the Sarcoptes scabiei canis mite is present on dogs, it is important to isolate the animal immediately until treatments are underway. Topical parasiticidals are available without a prescription in pet-appropriate creams and shampoos. It is important to disinfect bedding, furniture and carpets to prevent recurring troubles with these contagious parasites.

Demodectic Dog Mange:Demodex canis mites are not contagious to humans or other animals. This type of mite is normally attracted to dogs that are malnourished or otherwise not in tip-top shape. Demodex canis mites live on top of the skin like a flea, and can be seen under a microscope. Topical parasiticidals are often used to eliminate this type of problem; however, home treatments should be followed with a trip to the vet to ensure that the dog does not have other health problems.