Dog Hair Loss Treatment

Treating Dog Hair Loss with Digestive Enzymes

many dogs shed and lose hair. We all know shedding is is annoying. Excessive shedding could almost drive a completely sane person a little crazy. Fortunately, certain digestive enzymes can help pet owners stop dog hair loss in its tracks.

Which Digestive Enzymes Stop Shedding?

Proteolytic Enzymes: These enzymes help dogs more effectively breakdown and digest protein. When proteins are properly digested, the amino acids they contain can be used by the body.

Amylase: This enzyme, which is naturally produced by the pancreas and salivary glands, aids in the digestion of complex carbohydrates. When added to a dog’s diet, amylase will help stop shedding and decrease the likelihood of the dog suffering from hot spots.

Cellulase: This enzyme group aids in the digestion of cellulose, which is found in plant matter. Because dogs are carnivores by nature, their bodies do not naturally produce cellulase. This forces the dog’s pancreas to excrete more amylase to properly digest the cellulose in their diet. Adding this enzyme to a dog’s diet will take some strain off the pancreas, simplify digestion, and decrease dog hair loss.

Pectinase: Pactinase’s main function is to aid in the absorption of nutrients. To stop shedding, pet owners may want to add this enzyme to the dog’s diet to ensure proper nutrition.

Lipase: Lipase is a very important enzyme that aids in the absorption of nutrients. Without this enzyme, a pet would not be able to properly digest nutrients in its intestines, which could lead to malnutrition, as well as an unhealthy skin, and coat.

● Hemicellulase: This enzyme’s main job is to aid in the break down of hemicellulose, which is another substance found in plant matter. Just like cellulase, a dog’s body does not naturally produce this enzyme. Adding hemicellulase to a dog’s diet will make the dog able to digest plant matter that would otherwise be indigestible. This helps to provide a dog with optimal nutrition and also prevents against hot spots.

How These Enzymes Stop Dog Hair Loss

Dog Shedding is often caused by poor nutrition. When a dog is not properly digesting its food, its coat will appear dull, the health of the skin will suffer, and the hair follicles will weaken. This ultimately leads to poor health and excessive shedding. Adding these digestive enzymes to a petss diet will help the dog efficiently digest his food and help stop dog hair loss – get the nutrition he needs to have the healthiest coat possible.