Controlling Flea Bites

Does My Dog Have Fleas?

If you are the owner of a dog and you believe he has a flea infestation, it is important to treat him as quickly as possible to prevent infections, scabs, and serious infestations throughout your home. When this occurs, they are often subjected to bites, which may cause itchiness, making him uncomfortable throughout the day. Getting them under control is possible with at-home solutions along with remedies available at pet stores and veterinarian offices. Bites from fleas are known to trigger sensitivity in the animal’s skin or even allergies; the outbreak is triggered by the insect’s saliva when it comes in contact with the epidermis. Visibly identifying the eggs on your pup’s skin, scabs, and broken lesions are the tell-tale clues of complete bane.

How to Diagnose Flea Bites | Controlling and Treating Fleas on Your Dog

You can use a specific comb to help with brushing your pup’s hair to identify dirt, eggs, and fleas themselves. If you cannot identify the parasites yourself, there are various tests available for skin diseases, mites, and nesting bugs. When you are looking for pest control, you have a few options. There are collars and shampoos available at almost every grocery store. Some oral products may be preferred, most can work to rid the nuisances without having to administer topical solutions. As you rid your pet of this plague, it is essential to also treat your home, since humans can also be a symbiotic host.

Treating Infestations in Your Home | Can Humans Get Fleas?

Human with FleasImmediately after curing your companion, you can purchase an at-home treatment or “flea bombing” solution, which can help to completely rid and kill all of the stragglers within a few hours. It is important to protect all of your valuables and to evacuate the house, as there are chemicals that can be potentially harmful or fatal if inhaled or ingested by any species.

After exposure, you can rest easy as your pup’s skin will heal within a few days to a week, allowing him to live and run happily again. Ensuring year round protection is possible by using dedicated collars and preventive measures.

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