Common Dog Skin Problems

Common Dog Skin Problems

There are various skin conditions and problems that can be caused by numerous things. For example, skin allergies are a major problem in dogs and they can be caused by everything from heredity, type of breed, to being exposed to something in their environment. Environmental problems can come from exposure to chemicals , an inhalant, or anything else in the environment. Dog skin problems can also come from insects, such as ticks, fleas, and bug bites can harm the skin and cause major skin problems in dogs.

When allergens cause dog skin problems the outer layer of the skin is typically affected. The biggest sign of problems will be intense itching and discomfort for the dog. This type of intense skin problem will make dogs uncomfortable, snappish, and they will become unpleasant to be around. When these signs are available treatments should be done for the dog to help relieve them of problems. If you suspst dog mange it is best to visit a veterinarian.

Dry Skin, Dog Mange, and Other Skin Problems on Dogs

Hives are going to be one of the most common dog skin problems people see. Hives are normally an allergic reaction where circular, itchy, and raised welts will appear on the skin and face of the dog. Hair can also start sticking out in little patches and the eyelids can swell up.

The most common skin problem that occurs in dogs is flea allergy dermatitis . When fleas bite dogs the saliva from the fleas interacts with the skin and causes problems. People will notice this condition when the skin in dogs becomes red, inflamed, and itchy. This happens in areas where fleas are most commonly at which includes the belly, rump, base of the tail, and under the legs. If left untreated dogs will continue to chew at these areas causing hair loss, dry and scaly skin, and infected patches. Checking for dog mange, fleas and flea eggs plus skin problems is the best way to diagnose dogs with this problem.

Dog skin problems can also include yeast infections. These normally occur on the ears or paws because yeast has the ability to grow in those areas. Irritated, itchy, and discolored skin are the most common signs that this skin problem is occurring. Again, these conditions can lead to dog mange.

Bacterial folliculitis can occur by itself or in association with other skin problems. This is an infection that can cause sores, bumps, and scabs on the skin in numerous different spots. These sores are visible and can be identified by the red and bumpy color. They are obviously easier to see in short haired dogs. This might be first noticed in long haired dogs when their coat becomes discolored and dull. Also hair might start to fall out showing the skin problems underneath.

Dog Mange is one of the most devastating dog skin problems that can occur. Mange is caused by little mites and is a bacterial infection. Mange can be transferred from one dog to another making treatment very important. Symptoms are going to include intense itching, incredible discomfort, red and irritated skin, sores, and extreme hair loss. A dog’s face, ears, and legs are commonly affected and there are different types of mange that can cause skin problems.