How to clean and treat hot spots on dogs

With the warmer weather approaching, dog’s become more prone to hotspots, sometimes referred to as acute moist dermatitis.  These hotpsots are infections on the skin and can cause itching and scratching and are often very uncomfortable and sometimes become painful.  Hotspots on dogs can be caused many issues such as inset bites, infections and weak immune systems.  Weak immun... Read More

How to Help Older Dogs With Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia

If you have an older dog, they may have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative joint disease that causes swelling and discomfort. Another joint issue in some dogs is called hip dysplasia. Some dogs are more susceptible to these issues than others especially if they are a very large breed, overweight, or have experienced injuries in the past. You may ask your veterinarian ... Read More

How to Treat Hot Spots on Dogs

What are Hot Spots Hot spots are skin irritations and can take on various forms.  They may appear to bald spots at first and can then worsen to open sores that are painful.   Hot spots can spread very fast so be sure to treat them as soon as you suspect your dog has them.  One last note:  if you notice tiny mites on your dog’s skin or hair follicles then your do has ... Read More

What causes seizures in dogs?

As dog lover’s we hate to see our pets in pain.  One of the cases is when we see our pet suffer.  It is common that in these types of situations we feel helpless and stranded and we’re not sure what to do.   I am talking about epilepsy in dogs, yes this is one of the most alarming situations for pet lovers.  If your dog suffers from this situation often, then he or sh... Read More

How to Treat Dog Seizures with Natural Supplements

Every year, veterinarians diagnose more than 780,000 cases of epilepsy in dogs, making it the most common neurological disorder impacting dogs. Dog seizures are frightening enough, but the diagnosis can be just as scary. Epilepsy in dogs is challenging to manage, and some studies have found that the average dog’s survival after diagnosis is less than two years. Usually, it’s just not enough... Read More

How to tell if my dog has mange?

Mange in dogs is much more common than you may think.  In fact there are many different types of mange and many different mites that are the root cause of canine mange.    Some dog mange infections are very serious and cause a lot of pain; while others cases are much less severe, and in some cases the owner is not sure if the issue is mange or simple dog dry skin.&nb... Read More

Understanding Exactly What is Dog Demodectic Mange and how to clear it

How to Resolve Your Dog’s Demodectic Mange Problem Demodectic mange is a difficult situation for your pets especially your dogs. Since this is a skin problem, their appearance will be very much affected. They will also feel weak from the itchiness that they feel especially from the effect of the sickness to their immune system. Other dogs do not even survive the illness and die. If you suspect t... Read More

Treating Dog Dry Skin with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is a great way for various skin care treatment over the centuries in dogs. It has healing abilities to cure almost all kinds of canine skin diseases. Interestingly, Aloe Vera is a natural remedy without any side effects. It is a familiar plant for all most all the nations and it is even potted every one’s houses in many cities. Arid climate is better suited for aloe vera plant. How... Read More


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