Should Puppies Take Suplements?

Recommended Supplements for Dogs A puppy is full of energy and constantly on the go; unfortunately, its brain does not keep up with its body, leading to the decimation of our shoes, toys, and furniture. Essentially, a puppy is difficult to train and housebreak; other problems with your new puppy's growth and development may also arise. Thankfully, there are several supplements that will support ... Read More

Salmon Oil for a Lazy Puppy

EPA and DHA for Puppies Daily doses of EPA and DHA will yield a shiny, healthy, coat and strong teeth and nails. For older dogs (or lazy puppies) suffering from fatigue, this essential supplement has been shown to increase stamina and joint flexibility. It also wards off arthritis, which is a big concern among owners of certain breeds. When paired with chondroitin and glucosamine, pet-moobilit... Read More

Daily Dog Supplements

Do Dogs Need Supplements? Owning a pet can be a wonderful opportunity that keeps you entertained and provides you company for many years. However, it is important to take care of your animal, so they enjoy their days with you as much as you do with them. While diet and exercise are important, there are other precautions necessary or their vitality. Dogs have needs just like humans, they need to ... Read More