My Dog Looks Stiff and Will Not Respond

If you have ever witnessed your pet experiencing muscle contractions, constant salivation or a general look of stiffness, then you have probably witnessed them having a seizure. These instances, while not a common problem for dogs, can occur for a variety of reasons. This can not only be quite alarming to the owner, but also be potentially dangerous to the victim. Seizures in dogs occur because o... Read More

Should Puppies Take Suplements?

Recommended Supplements for Dogs A puppy is full of energy and constantly on the go; unfortunately, its brain does not keep up with its body, leading to the decimation of our shoes, toys, and furniture. Essentially, a puppy is difficult to train and housebreak; other problems with your new puppy's growth and development may also arise. Thankfully, there are several supplements that will support ... Read More

My Pooch is Diabetic

What is Diabetes? Diabetes can effect canines in the same fashion as it does humans. Importantly, it is not contagious and cannot be passed on to another human or animal. Diabetes is a condition when the body cannot make or use insulin; if a dog does not have enough insulin, blood glucose levels rise and cause several complications. An insulin overdose can cause low blood sugar, as well as convuls... Read More

Life Span: Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Benefits of Salmon Oil and Enzymes There are many kinds of dietary additives on the market but one is known for its superior pet appeal. Life Span with C0Q10 is a great source of omega-3 and omega-6; each shown to improve brain function and help prevent heart disease. CoQ10 for dogs has been shown to improve kitten or puppy coat shine and even have him feeling and acting younger. The Life Span... Read More

What Causes Epileptic Seizures in Dogs?

When our dog had her first seizure it was absolutely frightening. You don't know what to do, in reality there isn't much you can do except let it run it's course. Actually, the one thing you can do is make sure your dog doesn't get hurt during the episode. This means keeping your dog away from sharp objects or anything that can harm them while they are convulsing. Determining the Cause of a Seizur... Read More