Breeds of Dogs That Have Excessive Hair Loss

Breeds of Dogs that Have Excessive Hair Loss

All breeds of dogs lose hair, the primary difference is the amount of the dog hair loss. Dogs with longer hair seem to be the worst shedders, but usually this is simply because the hair follicle lost is larger. Dog hair loss rates are determined by diet, climate, health, hormones and cleaning habits.

There are hundreds of dog breeds around the world. Some are promoted as hairless breeds. Most of these have very short hair, which is still shed.

Breeds of dog with excessive hair loss: 

Cocker Spaniel
English Bulldog
Golden Retriever
Great Dane
Irish Wolfhound
Shetland Sheepdog

Dogs have four different phases of hair growth:

+ Anagen
+ Catagen
+ Telogen
+ Exogen

The Anagen phase is where the growth occurs. The Catagen phase is an intermediate phase where the hair is resting. The Telogen phase is when the hair begins to regress. The Exogen phase is when shedding normally occurs. The growth rate is different on various parts of the body due to hormone and blood concentration.

Sunlight and temperature send signals to hormones in the dog’s body to control hair growth. With domesticated dogs remaining indoors more often, the growing and shedding cycles have become more even year-round.

Most dogs need to lose their hair so that a new seasonal coat can grow. Dogs have multiple hairs in each follicle so when it falls out there is a lot more hair. Dog hair loss can leave a mess on clothes, furniture and carpet. People with allergies might have serious outbreaks due to excessive dog hair loss.

Dog owners should accept normal shedding as a necessity and attempt to curb excessive or abnormal shedding. Damaged or unhealthy hair can lead to excessive shedding. Using dog hair care products with special enzymes and nutrients can create a healthier coat of hair.

Some dog hair products can remove old, loose hair so you can dispose of it properly, rather than have it all over the house. Special shampoos can also reduce shedding. Different diseases, infections and hormone imbalances can also cause abnormal hair loss. Treating these ailments properly can reduce excessive hair loss.

Prevent excessive shedding and hair loss with quality dog hair care products. If your dog is healthy, it will lose less hair.