Benefits of Omega-3 for Dogs

Benefits of Omega-3 for Dogs
Dogs and humans have similar physiological systems so Omega-3 for dogs is just as beneficial as it is for humans. Veterinarians used to just recommend Omega-3 fish oil for the dogs coats and as a remedy for skin allergies. After treating enough dogs with skin allergies they discovered that other ailments were improving such as:
• Arthritis.
• High cholesterol.
• Reducing cancer rates.
• Cognition problems.
• Overall health.

Dry dog food is constantly recommended to help keep teeth clean, get rid of tartar and control weight, but people do not realize there is little or no Omega-3 in dry dog food because it is grain based. If commercially prepared dog food has any of the Omega oils, it is likely to have Omega-6 which is the unhealthy Omega oil. Omega-6 is the oil that causes high cholesterol, strokes and weight gain.

Omega-3 is an essential macronutrient. What this means is that it is not naturally produced in the body. You have to eat something with the nutrient in it, or take something. Humans can adjust their diets, but dogs have to eat what is put down for them to eat. Once dog owners are more informed about Omega-3 for dogs, they will come around and make sure Spot or Rover gets their Omega-3 because one thing dog owners do is love their pets. In most households they have become another member of the family.

How can you make sure your pet is getting enough Omega-3 for dogs? There’s two ways to do this. You can make your own dog food and make sure you use salmon, sardines and other fish you know are rich in Omega-3 fish oil. You can also buy Omega-3 supplements and add that to their normal dog food. In either case, you have to make sure where the fish or the supplement came from. There are a lot of contaminated fish in overseas countries. They could be full of lead or PCB’s because they do not have strong regulations regarding contamination of food. If you purchase supplements off the shelf they could be old and worthless. They also spoil quickly. If your supplements smell very strongly of fish and do not have a comprehensive list of ingredients with additional nutrients printed on them, discard them. If the supplements are in good shape, Spot should get one capsule because he’s a big dog and Rover should just get ½ capsule because he’s much smaller. Or, there are containers with pumps that are easy to measure the amounts to give your dogs. The very best way to purchase Omega-3 fish oil for dogs is to purchase from a veterinarian recommended supply house such as Evolution Pets.

All dogs are different so it may take more time for your dog to show effects from using Omega-3 fish oil for dogs. Once he or she does, you will see a thicker, shiny coat and eyes will get brighter. Your dog will regain some of the old flexibility and act more alert. Allergies will subside. Two veterinarians with the International Omega-3 Learning and Education Consortium for Health and Medicine, Dr. Yong Li and Dr. Bruce Watkins, suggest that aggressive dogs benefit from omega-3 fatty acids by heading off behavioral problems. If this is true, 50-70 percent of all dog terminations could be successfully reversed by dietary additives.