The Benefits of Natual Dog Shampoo

Is Organic Shampoo Best for My Pet?

Grooming is an important part of taking care of your dog. Believe it or not, your dog’s skin may be more sensitive than yours is because it is protected for the most part by a thick layer of fur. Commercial dog shampoos made from detergents or soaps will dry your dog’s skin out, leaving him or her itchy and uncomfortable. If you want a clean, happy and healthy pet, use a natural dog shampoo, made from natural, pH balanced ingredients. Your dog’s skin and fur consists of two layers: the dermis and the epidermis.

The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin. It is very thick and tough on the paw pads, which are hairless and come into contact with the ground as your dog moves, but relatively thin on the rest of his body since his fur provides a more effective outer barrier.

The dermis lies underneath the epidermis. The dermis contains hair follicles and pigment cells, responsible for your dog’s coloring, as well as oil-producing sebaceous glands and toenails.

Your dog’s fur or hair acts as a protective layer covering the skin. Hair grows out of living follicles just beneath the surface of the epidermis, but it is not a living tissue. Follicles produce hair in response to light and hormone cycles. It used to be that dogs’ hair follicles were most active when the days grew shorter, in order to produce the thick winter coat necessary to survive the cold season in the wild. Domestication has changed this cycle, however, since most dogs are now exposed to long hours of artificial light throughout the year.

How to Bathe Your Dog Correctly

Dog Bath TimeIt’s important to bathe your dog regularly to keep her fresh smelling so that other people will enjoy her company as much as you do!

There are literally hundreds of commercial dog shampoos on the market. The one you choose for bathing your dog should be a natural dog shampoo without harsh chemicals, preferably one that is made from natural botanicals. Never use a human shampoo or household cleaning product to wash a dog! These products do not have a pH balance optimized for canine skin and could easily end up causing a severe allergic reaction. The best natural dog shampoo is one whose pH is close to 7.0, the pH of water and has no artificial odors.

In the summer time, it may be fine to bathe your dog outside with a cold hose. In the winter, though, you’ll want to wash her inside with organic dog shampoo. This doesn’t have to be an ordeal. All you’ll need is a bathtub, a medium-sized bucket and two or three fluffy towels.

First, fill the bathtub with a few inches of warm water. Next, put your dog in the tub. Use the bucket to pour warm water on your dog, working from the head to the tail and taking care not to scare your dog by getting water into her eyes.

Take a small amount of natural dog shampoo and begin working it into the top of her head. Be careful not to get any into her eyes! Lather down your dog’s neck, back and tail, working the lather down on to her legs, reapplying shampoo as necessary. Your dog will try to shake this lather off so you may need to steady her with your hands. If you’re using a flea or tick shampoo, or any other kind of medicated product, lather your pet up and then leave the shampoo on for a full 15 minutes before rinsing. If you need a reliable source for great organic pet shampoo, try

Fill the bucket with warm water and rinse the soap off your dog, beginning with her head. Make sure you remove all the shampoo since shampoo residues in fur can lead to dandruff. Once your dog is fully rinsed, let her shake off while still standing in the tub. Then drain the tub and dry her off with the towels.