Benefits of aloe vera in dogs shampoo

Benefits of aloe vera in dogs shampoo

Shampooing your dog is never one of the most enjoyable things that you do in your day, so you
want this time to be worth something. Dogs seem to pick up dirt everywhere, and if it’s not
washed out of their hair, it gets down into their skin. That is why a good bath, with a good dog
shampoo is a must for dog owners.

Starting them out as puppies getting weekly baths is the best way to acclimate them to the
routine, and if you are using the right dog shampoo, it moisturizes their hair and skin as well.
This is good for puppies, as well as older dogs, so they don’t itch and scratch all day long.
Constant itching and scratching leads to dry, scaly skin, and as the itching gets worse, and they
can get a serious case of psoriasis, or eczema, just like humans.

Our amazing dog shampoo has been rated number one, and it is proven to moisturize, nourish
and condition your dog’s hair beautifully! The canine’s hair is not much different than human’s
hair, and it responds best when natural products are used on it. Chemical shampoos tend to create
dry skin and break the hairs, and they even cause more itching and scratching from your pet.

Our Hydra Plex shampoos are ph balanced for dogs and cats, so all your pets can be free
uncomfortable side effects from shampoos, like itching and scratching, and they will have fluffy
hair and shiny coats. Our shampoos are made with Aloe Vera, oatmeal, vitamins, omega three’s,
and more. Your doggy is getting all natural ingredients that do not interfere with his system,
which some chemical-produced shampoos do.

Our dog shampoos are infused with Aloe Vera because of the softening and healing properties
that are in this plant. Aloe Vera grows wild in the southern states and tropical climates, and it is
used in many human products, like hand and facial lotion, and lip balm. Aloe Vera works
wonderfully for a light burn, or bug bite on the skin, so your pet’s rough skin will stay healed. It
also softens the coat on your pouch, and is extremely beneficial in our shampoo. There are not
many pet shampoos companies that care enough to make an outstanding shampoo for your four
footed family members, but we think it is important to keep them happy too.