Dog Hot Spot Remedies

Dog Hot Spot Remedies

Watching your dog scratch, bite, and chew at an itchy hot spot sometimes makes you as miserable as your poor dog. At, we have some excellent what are hot spots that are sure to relieve both your pain and your dog’s.

Dogs Hot Spot Complete Healing Kit

Our complete healing kit is one of our best sellers for hot spot remedies. The kit includes three of our great products: SkinPlex Enzymes, DermaMax Healing Healing Cream, and RenuPlex Medicated Shampoo. The ClearPlex and RenuPlex both include Zinc-PCA, which has been clinically proven to repair damaged skin cells, eliminate rashes, and improve overall skin health. Zinc works because the skin of dogs is almost 20% zinc, yet that’s a mineral that most dogs don’t get enough of in their regular diet.

Healthy Coat Kit for less severe hot spots

Our healthy coat kit is another popular product for hot spot remedies. It includes SkinPlex PLUS dietary supplements, HydraPlex PLUS medicated shampoo, and RenuPlex PLUS conditioner spray. These three help balance your dog’s coat health from both outside and inside.

LifeSpan Salmon Oil

Another great product for long-term healing of your dog’s skin is our fish oil for dogs. All you have to do is squirt a little bit of the oil on your dog’s food. The fish oil heals your dog from the inside out, moisturizing the skin and giving your dog’s coat a great shine.

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